Six Christmas Sweets


Wrapping up turrón for the holidays / Fernando Madariaga – ICEX

With Christmas coming up this weekend and stores closing all over Spain on Saturday afternoon (the main celebration here takes place on the night of December 24th), people are eagerly stocking up on any number of the wonderful Christmas sweets that make this holiday so special in Spain.

Yes, from marzipan to turrón and everything in between, Spanish holiday sweets are some of the most beloved treats this country has to offer – not to mention the fact that many of them have been passed down for hundreds of years through the gastronomic cultures of generations of people who have lived on the Iberian Peninsula.

Read more about which essential Spanish sweets to stock up on this Christmas in Six Spanish Sweets for Christmas, on Foods and Wines from Spain.

And if you don´t have time to try them all before Christmas, not to worry! Holiday sweets in Spain are around until at least the 6th of January!

Happy Holidays and have a great weekend!


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