Chirimoya season!


Chirimoyas on the tree / Juan Manuel Sanz – ICEX

Ever heard of a chirimoya? How about the custard apple?

If not, run, don’t walk to your nearest market and demand to try one of these incredible sub-tropical fruits!

With an evocative outer appearance reminiscent of the green scales of a prehistoric creature that might have once roamed the lush Río Verde Valley in Granada where these wonderful fruits are cultivated widely, chirimoyas (also spelled cherimoyas) are characterized by their white, delicate flesh, slightly acidic aroma, elegant tropical flavors and creamy texture.

Although they can be eaten straight off the tree with nothing more than a spoon, these fruits can also be used in any number of creations, from traditional to avant-garde. Just ask award-winning Andalusian chef Dani García, whose many adaptations for chirimoyas are as stunning as they are mouthwatering.

Read more about this luscious Spanish fruit in Treasure of the Río Verde Valley, on Foods and Wines from Spain.



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