Delicious Murcia!


Restaruante Fénix in Murcia / Matías Costa – ICEX

While Madrid winters don’t typically get too brutal, it’s always nice to escape for a day or two to a city with a balmy Mediterranean climate and wonderfully delicious food.

Of course, there are plenty of cities like this to choose from in Spain, but for this particular weekend getaway, I have a specific one in mind: Murcia!

The small Autonomous Community of Murcia is rich in gastronomy and particularly well known for its excellent produce. Its semi-arid Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing lettuce, artichokes, tomatoes, grapes and citrus fruit, among other things.

Its capital city of Murcia is also wonderfully rich in tapas bars and restaurants that feature these products, as the article South Eastern Promise by Foods and Wines from Spain writer Paul Richardson attests.

So, jump in a car, catch a train, or take a flight to Murcia as soon as you can. You won’t regret it!


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