Nayab Siddiqui Wins Tapas Competition


Nayab Siddiqui’s “Torta miniatura”

Congratulations are in order for Nayab Siddiqui of Singapore, who was named the winner of the eighth edition of the Valladolid International Tapas Competition this week for her tapa “Torta miniatura”, which brought together ideas from Asturias and Castile-León, and flavors from her Indian origins.

Baby lamb ribs, extra virgin olive oil, red peppers from Lodosa and sweet paprika came together in this aromatic dish, which won Siddiqui a trip to next year’s edition of Madrid Fusión sponsored by Castillo de Canena where she will present her winning tapa, two nights at a Parador hotel and a chef’s jacket designed by Agatha Ruíz de la Prada.

In addition to the first prize winners, German chef Maximiliam Weber came in second for his tapa “Sorpresa de gazpacho tapado”, while third place was shared by Daniel García Navarro of Mexico and Kayla Von Michalofski of the United States. The former presented a tapa entitled “Lingote” (ingot), while the latter gave her creation the evocative name of “Christopher Columbus’ Return”.

The winners were chosen by a jury presided over by María Marte of two-Michelin-starred restaurant Club Allard in Madrid.

Read more about this competition here, on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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