Orange you glad!


Spanish orange groves / Juan Manuel Sanz – ICEX

Fall is finally here and the growing pile of perfect fallen leaves on my table (I just can’t resist) are not the only bright orange objects that are accumulating in my kitchen.

No, it’s finally orange season in Spain, and my fruit bowl runneth over with these wonderful Spanish citrus fruits, which are thankfully here to stay for many, many months.

Spanish oranges and other citrus fruits are synonymous with this country’s excellent produce and they are known all over the world for their quality, aromas and flavor.

What’s more, not only are they fantastic eaten raw and straight off the tree, they are also wonderful in any number of different sweet and savory dishes – providing the perfect touch of sweetness, acidity and aroma to things like pork, chocolate, salads and cakes.

Read more about Spain’s booming orange market in Spanish Orange Sensation, on Foods and Wines from Spain.




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