The hidden treasure of Arribes wines!


The Duero River in DO Arribes / Photo courtesy of DO Arribes

It would be hard to find a Spanish wine lover (or Portuguese wine lover, for that matter) who has never heard of the mighty Duero River and the wines she helps produce.

After all, Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero is synonymous with excellent wine among wine drinkers all over the world, as is Portuguese staple Port. And then of course you have DO Rueda and DO Toro – two other famed Spanish wine regions that also reap the benefits of this river.

But, there is another, lesser-known wine region that follows the path of this river as it snakes along the Spanish-Portuguese border from the province of Zamora to the province of Salamanca (both in Castile-León). Here, amid stunning sceneries, the wines of DO Arribes have been seducing wine lovers both in Spain and beyond.

What do thousands of years of wine making history, ancestral grape varieties and the unique climate and soil of this part of the Duero River valley represent? The answer is clear: DO Arribes.



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