Happy (Sweet) Halloween!


Holiday sweets / Photo by Pasteliería Nunos



Happy Halloween! It’s time once again for that annual holiday that makes dentist’s cringe and kids run around like excited, sugar-crazed animals.

But while Halloween might fill children with joy at the thought of consuming piles of candy, parents and others might just spend Halloween night dreaming of the fantastic, often artisanally-made sweets that are typical of the following day’s celebration of El Día de Todos los Santos, or All Saint’s Day here in Spain. This November 1st national holiday has a history that goes back to at least the seventh century.

And, as in many other countries that celebrate this day, All Saint’s Day here in Spain is associated with the appearance of certain traditional sweets that appear on and around this date – with each region naturally boasting its own specialties.

Learn more about what to look for and not-to-miss during tomorrow’s holiday, in Saintly Sweets: Traditional Spanish Confections of All Saint’s Day, on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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