Chorizo recipes for the here and now


Spicy chorizo pastries / Toya Legido – ICEX

I’m the first person to start dreaming of soups and stews as soon as the weather gets slightly chilly. In fact, by this time of year, I’m already starting to stock up on a variety of ingredients that go great in just about any stew: Spanish beans, a chunk of smoky bacon, some leafy green kale, a couple of potatoes… check! check! check and check!

Today, however, as I made my way home from the local market under the blazing hot sun of a lingering Madrid summer with a link of Asturian chorizo in my bag (check!), I started thinking that I might not want to wait to eat it until the weather gets cold.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas for cooking Spanish chorizo that don’t have to do with making soups or stews.

In fact, you can try any one of these recipes from Foods and Wines from SpainOmelette with chorizo, Spicy chorizo pastriesMashed potatoes with chorizo and bacon, and Fried chorizo and Manchego cheese sandwich.



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