Video: Spanish Tapas Recipes, Pisto!

While the French dish ratatouille might be a more familiar word to some (due in large part to the endearing movie by the same name), Spanish pisto truly has nothing to envy of its cousin to the north.

This classic fried vegetable medley (usually referred to as Pisto Manchego – reflecting its origins in Castile-La Mancha) is an unmistakably integral dish in traditional Spanish gastronomy. It is also one of those dishes that seems deceptively simple, but that can vary greatly depending on the nuanced skill of the chef and the quality of the raw ingredients.

Fortunately, pisto novices have nothing to fear, thanks to this great step-by-step video found in the series Spanish Tapas Recipes on theFoods and Wines from Spain YouTube channel.

Now just slide a fried egg on top (a typical way to eat pisto in Spain) and enjoy!


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