The Tortilla de la Hispanidad


A perfect slice of Spanish tortilla de patatas / Fernando Madariaga – ICEX

Tomorrow is perhaps the most Spanish holiday of them all, a day known as the Fiesta Nacional de España (or Día de la Hispanidad).

This holiday is celebrated every year on October 12th, coinciding with the anniversary of Cristóbal Colón’s (Christopher Columbus’s) first arrival in the Americas.

And while I don’t think Columbus actually dined on famed Spanish dish la tortilla de patata (potato omelette), which was supposedly created in the 19th century in Navarre, this dish is not only made with potatoes – one of the foods brought over from the “New World” – but evidence also suggests that at least the omelette part of it was an Aztec invention.

Anyway, we don’t really need an excuse to celebrate what many would refer to as THE (or at least one of the) Spanish national dish (also called tortilla española), which I will henceforth be referring to as “The tortilla de la Hispanidad”.



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