Wine tasting in Haro this weekend!


An image from last year’s event / Photo courtesy of the Haro Station Wine Experience

If you’re in the vicinity or can get yourself to the famed Rioja town of Haro this weekend, do so! (especially if you love wine!)

This Saturday, September 17th, La Cata del Barrio de la Estación, or the Haro Station Wine Experience, is returning to this picturesque town, and bringing with it the chance to taste wines from some of La Rioja‘s most iconic winemakers.

Although the event begins today for wine professionals, on Saturday it is open to the public. For it, seven different wineries (all of which are located in close proximity to one another and in the area around the Haro train station) will be offering tastings and other wine-related activities to those in attendance. The wineries are: Bodegas Bilbaínas, CVNE, Bodegas Gómez Cruzado, López de Heredia Viña Tondonia, Bodegas Muga, La Rioja Alta S.A. and Bodegas RODA.

Of course if wine isn’t your thing, or even if it it, you can also find plenty of other entertainment in the form of live music, gastronomy and, if nothing else, fantastic people-watching and an unbeatable ambience in a delightful setting.


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