Nibbling in Santander


The Bay of Santander / Luis Carré – ICEX

What do you know about Cantabria?

UNESCO protected, world-famous cave paintings (at Altamira and others), gorgeous beaches, delicious sardines, excellent dairy products… the list goes on and on for this tiny and stunningly beautiful Autonomous Community on Spain’s northern coast, where it embraces the Bay of Biscay.

I’ve had the good fortune of visiting Cantabria’s capital city of Santander a couple of times, and despite the fact that I went in the winter both times and wasn’t able to enjoy its beaches in the typical way, I do recall beautiful wind-whipped walks on sprawling sands, cozy fires in hotel fireplaces, and the food, oh the food!

From the city’s famed and bustling Mercado de la Esperanza central market, to its many bars and restaurants serving up one fantastic tapa (or pincho as they’re called in the north), after another, I ate to my heart’s content on my first visit to Santander, and then I went back for another round!

Read more about Santander’s Nibbling Revolution on Foods and Wines from Spain!


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