Delving into gastronomic history

icex0008775With such a complete website bursting with information about Spanish gastronomy, it is easy to get lost in any number of the wonderfully informative sections on Foods and Wines from Spain.

In any case, every once in a while I think it’s a good idea to highlight some of the great sections that are available on the site, just in case your virtual gastronomy wanderings haven’t taken you there already.

In this instance, I wanted to post a reminder about the fantastic Food History section, which is packed with information about Spanish culinary history, including an in-depth look at dozens of Spain’s most famed culinary products, organized into categories like Legumes and beans, Preserved vegetables and fruits, Ibérico pig products, Spices and salt, Preserved fish, and much more.

This virtual encyclopedia of Spanish gastronomic history provides us with an overview of the origins of these products and their evolution over time, while also putting gastronomic events, products and discoveries into historic context on a timeline that spans from the Paleolithic Age to the Present.



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