Flavors of Ceuta and Melilla


A view of Ceuta / Javier Sakona – ICEX

I met someone from the Spanish autonomous city of Ceuta this weekend – one of two Spanish autonomous cities (along with Melilla) that are located on the north coast of Africa – and I realized that in my nearly twenty years in Spain, she was the first person I had ever met from there.

Of course this made me start wondering what these two port cities are like, particularly in terms of  culture and, of course, gastronomy, thanks to their historic and cross-cultural roots.

By all accounts both Ceuta and Melilla are bustling, lively and colorful cities where the flavors of Morocco, Spain and the Mediterranean mingle together in a cultural melting pot that bubbles over with plenty of flavors and aromas to delight the senses and stir the appetite.

Read more about these two cities in A Gourmet Stroll Through African Spain: Ceuta, from couscous to tapas and Across the Mediterranean: Fusion of  flavors in Melilla, on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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