The onions of Fuentes de Ebro

Considering how absolutely fundamental onions are to Spanish cooking – where they’re regularly used in stocks, stews, sauces, salads and as part of the essential sofrito, the basis for so very many traditional and non-traditional dishes – I feel like we don’t talk about them nearly enough.

One variety of Spanish onion that is definitely worth mentioning is PDO Cebolla de Fuentes de Ebro, a quality product produced for centuries in the area known as Fuentes de Ebro, in the province of Zaragoza (Aragón). These “sweet onions” are treasured not only for their mild flavors, but also for their unique texture and tender flesh, which is on the juicy side.

Farmed using sustainable and traditional cultivation techniques, these onions are hand-harvested, which prevents their getting bruised or damaged.

Read more about PDO Cebolla de Fuentes de Ebro in Far from Ordinary Spanish Onionson Foods and Wines from Spain.


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