Video: Traditional Marinades

Spanish food lovers will definitely have heard of the ancient culinary technique of preserving foods in escabechea liquid mixture comprised of vinegar, herbs (pimentón, cloves, peppercorns and bay leaves) and olive oil, and sometimes including things like white wine, onion and garlic.

Other traditional Spanish marinades used for food conservation include adobo and salmuera, which, like escabeche, both add wonderful flavors to foods.

But no matter how many times you may have feasted on some type of (particularly) fish or meat dish preserved with one of these culinary techniques, there’s really nothing like trying them out on your own to really get a grasp of the process.

Enter the video on Marinades, found in the “Cooking Techniques” section of Foods and Wines from Spain, (or on the Foods and Wines from Spain YouTube Channel) which shows viewers the step-by-step instructions on how to prepare one of Spain’s most iconic dishes: Boquerones en vinagre or Fresh anchovies in vinegar.

Happy marinating!


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