Water water everywhere


Spanish mineral water / Fernando Madariaga – ICEX

The heat has kicked up a notch in Spain this past week or two, and the words “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate” seem to be on repeat in my head like the lyrics to a catchy theme-song.

Though Spanish wines, beers, spirits, and juices are all good beverage options, among other things, there’s another fantastic Spanish beverage that frankly far outshines the rest when it comes to keeping cool and hydrated under the hot Spanish sun: water!

Spain is, in fact, wonderfully rich in underground water sources, with more than 1,000 natural springs that yield pure, crystalline water that has been slowly filtering through soil and rock for years, just waiting to fill our glasses and refresh body and mind.

This natural bounty was not lost on important historic civilizations that occupied the Iberian Peninsula centuries ago, like the Moors and Romans, nor is it lost on twenty-first century “culinary titans” who rule this country’s haute gastronomy.

Learn more about the historic importance and gastronomic significance of Spain’s wonderful mineral waters in the article Spanish Mineral Water, on Foods and Wines from Spain.





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