Refreshing fruit juices from Spain


Spanish fruit juice / Fernando Madariaga – ICEX

With naturally delicious flavors and aromas, an enormous variety to choose from, unbeatable quality, and formats to appeal to every palate… fruit juices and nectars from Spain are wonderful, thirst-quenching options for these hot summer days.

Although orange juice is the king of all Spanish juices, representing around 30% of the market total, other top products include multi-fruit juices that combine flavors like pineapple, grape, peach, apple and tropical fruits into any number of options, as well as mono-variety juices like tomato, or any of the above.

Of course there is a huge market for these tasty juices here in Spain – where 10% of all Spanish juice production is enjoyed -, but the bulk of Spain’s approximately 800-ton annual fruit juice production is exported, with particularly significant markets including France, the UK and Germany.

So, pour yourself a glass of the delicious Spanish juice of your choice and read more about this important national industry in Delicious and Refreshing Fruit Juices from Spain, only on Foods and Wines from Spain.



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