Spanish vinegar variety


Delicious Spanish vinegar / ICEX

With salad season firmly upon us, the question often comes down to: to dress, or not to dress?

Do you dress your salads before serving them, or leave dressing options on the table for individuals to dress their own? Do you like creamy or complex dressings, or are you the oil and vinegar type?

If the last option is true for you, then make sure to become closely acquainted (if you’re not already) with the fantastic selection of Spanish vinegars – particularly those made from red wine, white wine, cava, pedro ximénez, sherry and, of course, cider –, all of which can range from sweet to dry, and represent a wide range of flavors and aromas.

I personally keep three or four types on hand when I’m cooking, and I guarantee that there’s a perfect vinegar for every salad and at least one for every palate!



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