Summer soup recipe bonanza!


Chilled Las Pedroñeras’ purple garlic soup / Tomás Zarza and Toya Legido – ICEX

With the summer heat on full-blast by now, it’s only inevitable that we start craving cold soups

The good news is that whether you’re an amateur or a pro in the kitchen, the range of delicious recipes for Spanish cold soups includes something for everyone.

This is also true in terms of different flavor-bases and styles of soup – which can vary from the most classic to the most avant-garde.

The following list of Spanish cold soup recipes is my attempt to cover some of these different skill levels, and style and flavor preferences… in the hopes that all of us will soon be cooling off, sipping our favorite Spanish cold soup. Enjoy!

Tomato-based soups 

Classic salmorejo

Classic gazpacho

Churrasco’s red tomato gazpacho

Strawberry and tomato gazpacho

Gazpacho soup with marinated thrush

Strawberry gazpacho with Ibérico ham dust and oyster snow

Garlic-based soups

Las Pedroñeras’ cold garlic soup

Chilled Las Pedroñeras purple garlic soup

Almond-based soups

Cold almond and garlic soup (Ajoblanco).

Cold almond soup with dried figs and Ibérico ham



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