Happy World Tapas Day!

Today is World Tapas Day, a time for lovers of Spanish cuisine from all over the world to celebrate this ubiquitous Spanish culinary concept, which has become a true global ambassador for this country’s culinary traditions, innovations and culture.

This is the first time that this event is taking place on its new annual date, which from now on will be the third Thursday in June, to coincide with its Spanish version, El Día Mundial de la Tapa, which is put on by Saborea España.

World Tapas Day is organized by the Spanish tourism agency Turespaña, in collaboration with ICEX Spain, Trade and Investment, and other institutions and entities. There are more than thirty ICEX Economic and Commercial Offices around the world that have helped to make today’s event possible, thanks to their coordination with restaurants in their markets.

A full list of today’s activities can be found on the multi-lingual microsite, which has links to different regions and their respective specific events.

And whatever you do, if you’re out celebrating World Tapas Day today, or just paying homage to these Spanish culinary treasures in the comfort of your own home, make sure to nibble on some Tortilla Españolathe preferred tapa of Spaniards according to a new study released by the Spanish Restaurant Industry Association (Federación Española de Hostelería – FEHR).





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