DO Montilla-Moriles


Montilla / Fernando Briones – ICEX

Deep in the heart of Córdoba (Andalusia), the wine making region of DO Montilla-Moriles is launching its traditional and much-lauded Pedro Ximénez wines into the future, adapting new elaboration methods (think organic), wine styles and making the most of its already strong exports to countries like the Netherlands, England, Germany, France and the Czech Republic (within Europe), as well as the  USA, Canada, various South American countries, Australia, China, and Japan.

But more than this, DO Montilla-Moriles is preserving the history, traditions and wine making culture of its region, respecting the singular climate, soil and other characteristics that make its wines so truly unique, and so valued around the world.

Whether you’re thinking of a visit, savoring a taste of its wines, or just learning more about this fascinating Spanish wine denomination, a great place to start is DO Montilla-Moriles: Singular Wines from the Heart of Andalusia, on Foods and Wines from Spain.



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