Verdú Cantó Saffron Spain

Laboratorio VCSS copy

The laboratory at Verdú Cantó Saffron Spain

In the nearly two decades I’ve lived in Spain, I don’t think I’ve ever traveled back to the United States without bringing a small box of Spanish saffron with me for someone or other: my parents, my friends, my brother’s neighbor, my niece’s teacher… there’s just something so evocative about giving someone the gift of a tiny box of this brilliantly colored spice, and knowing all of the care and skill that has gone into it. (It also fits wonderfully into a suitcase).

Of course I never bother to mention the fact that the longstanding and thriving export market for Spanish saffron has made the need for me to hand-carry this prized spice across the ocean completely obsolete.

Take a company like Verdú Cantó Saffron Spain for instance. This 125 year-old family company first began exporting its saffron in 1923. Today, exports of its various saffron brands continue to boom, as do the company’s newer, innovative products like its mixed-spice mills and spice combinations for mixology.

Learn more about Verdú Cantó Saffron Spain in this interview with General Manager Patrick de la Cueva, on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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