The bomba!


Rice fields in PDO Calasparra / Pablo Neustadt – ICEX

I’ve been on a huge rice kick lately: eating it plain, baked in the oven with vegetables and chicken, meat, fish or seafood; or leftover the next day and tossed cold into a salad.

You don’t need me to tell you that the list of culinary possibilities for this versatile grain is endless, but you might be interested to learn how much a dish can change depending on which type of rice you use.

I currently cannot get enough of Spanish bomba rice from PDO Calasparra, which is produced primarily in the Autonomous Community of Murcia, along the Segura River (the other excellent rice variety grown here is called Balilla X Solana).

The rounded bomba grains plump up when you cook them and are fabulous at absorbing stocks and other flavors, without getting mushy or clumping together.

Of course this variety is probably most recognized when used as the star ingredient of its most famous dish: paella; but don’t be shy about letting your culinary imagination run wild when using the white or brown varieties of bomba rice. You won’t be sorry!

Learn more about Enticing Spanish Rice in Calasparra on Foods and Wines from Spain.



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