The wide world of Spanish wines

icex0009083Foods and Wines from Spain home page, including a look at two Spanish wineries that seem to be at near opposite ends of the wine industry spectrum – a fact that once again confirms how diverse the world of Spanish wines truly is.

Founded in 1729, Bodegas Alvear is a stalwart symbol of traditional Andalusian wine producing region DO Montilla-Moriles, an area known around the world for its excellent generosos, or fortified wines, made from star-grape Pedro Ximénez. You can read more about the trajectory of this still-going-strong winery in the article Bodegas Alvear: A Spanish Winery’s Sweet Spot.

Also featured on our home is an article about Rioja winery Marqués del Atrio’s new collaboration with massive Chinese wine group Changyu, a partnership that will undoubtedly pave the way for this winery’s wide range of products to take off big in the Chinese market. More about this venture can be found in Marqués del Atrio Expands East: Spanish and Chinese Wine Groups Join Forces.




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