Gourmet Fair Flavors Madrid!

salon-gourmet-madrid-cartel-2016The Salón de Gourmets is well under way in Madrid this week, capping off its four-day run tomorrow.

Organized annually by Grupo Gourmets, this has been a special year for this prestigious trade fair, which is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary.

Year after year this massive event entices visitors from all over the globe in search of the very best in Spanish gastronomy, including wines, olive oils and vinegars, preserved fish and shellfish, pastries and desserts, cheeses and other dairy products, cured and fresh meats, jams, liquors, vegetables and fruits, nuts, beer and cider, juices and much more. .

This professional meeting point is also, frankly, a lot of fun. Competitions, cooking demonstrations, tastings galore and fantastic people watching, are just a few of its draws.

This year has also been particularly interesting thanks to the ongoing “1976-2016, 40 Years of Evolution. Origin, Present and Future of Gastronomy” round-table discussions featuring some of this country’s top chefs.




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