Toledo, the everything getaway!


A view of Toledo’s cathedral / Pablo Neustadt – ICEX

It sometimes seems like you have to go far away to feel like you’re on vacation, but there’s no reason why this should be true. Sometimes, incredible treasures are just around the corner, which is the case with Madrid’s lovely neighbor to the south, Toledo (Castile-La Mancha).

Monumental, historic, stunningly picturesque and wonderfully stocked with top-notch art, culture, and both traditional and modern food and wine, Toledo is just over thirty minutes away from Madrid by AVE (high speed train), and yet it is like stepping into another world.

What’s more, the city has also been named the 2016 Spanish Gastronomy Capital, an honor granted by the Spanish Restaurant Industry Federation (FEHR) and the Spanish Federation of Travel and Tourism Writers and Journalists (FEPET), among others.

Read more about two of Toledo’s most coveted attractions: its tapas and its collection of artwork by master painter El Greco, in Tasting Tapas with El Greco, on Foods and Wines from Spain.




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