Strawberry goodness!


Delicious Spanish strawberries / ICEX

Oooooh, I can tell Spanish strawberry season is just about in full swing by the overflowing stacks of wooden flats piled high with large gleaming strawberries at my local market.

Though I’ve been buying these fabulously delicious and healthy berries for weeks now (my family can’t get enough of them and I wanted to make a big batch of strawberry freezer jam to replenish my dwindling store), the fruit has now reached a wonderful level of  sweetness and size, with a quality that can’t be beat!

Eat them on their own, layer them with cream, drizzle them with sugar, syrup or honey; mix them in yogurt, shakes and smoothies; or fold them into any number of desserts, cakes or other baked goods…

Or, try out these two simple recipes for Spanish strawberries on Foods and Wines from Spain! And don’t forget, the best part is that strawberry season’s just beginning!

Spanish red berry mousse

Spanish very berry cheesecake





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