Dabiz Muñoz Takes Madrid

David Muñoz retrato programa 04

Dabiz Muñoz / Photo courtesy of MadridFusión

Spanish chef Dabiz Muñoz of Madrid‘s only three Michelin star restaurant, DiverXO, has been all over the news in recent weeks, thanks to his recent collaboration with American three-star chef Grant Achatz (of Chicago’s Alinea) during the first week of the latter’s four-week Madrid pop-up restaurant,which just wrapped up on February 6th.

Muñoz also made waves at recent international culinary conference Madrid Fusión with a presentation during which he courageously admitted to past missteps and outlined a new philosophy that focuses on “eating as pleasure and the imperative of regaining and being obsessed with the idea that a chef should surprise and move [the diner] with a dish’s flavor, which should be 95% of the experience as a whole”.

Read more about Dabiz Muñoz and DiverXO on Foods and Wines from Spain



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