Bodegas AALTO soars!


Image courtesy of Bodegas AALTO /

Can you imagine what it might feel like to have you wine named the sixth best wine in the world? The sixth!!! I honestly can’t, and that’s not because I don’t actually have a wine of my own, but because it just seems like it would be such an incredible and validating achievement.

In any case, I was able to ask Javier Zacagnini of Bodegas AALTO what it felt like during this interview, conducted just a short time after the winery’s AALTO 2012 was ranked sixth best wine in the world (chosen from more than 18,000) of 2015 by Wine Spectator.

Javier was both grateful and extremely down to earth about the whole thing; something that probably shouldn’t surprise me given the fact that Javier and his partner Mariano García are so clearly doing what they love out of a passion for the wines, grapes, land and region of Ribera del Duero.

Read more about Bodegas AALTO and its wines in AALTO on High: Spanish Winery Ascends to International Heights, on Foods and Wines from Spain.





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