Today’s “Revelation” at MadridFusión


Chef Ricard Camarena / Photo courtesy of MadridFusión

Today is the last day of MadridFusión 2016, which continues to be fantastic source for the latest trends, products and techniques in the avant garde culinary world, while also providing a great backdrop for chefs and producers to strut their impressive stuff.

Some of the most exciting elements of this annual culinary conference are the different awards that are presented over the course of this three-day event.

Of course there are few that are so anxiously anticipated as the naming of the year’s Cocinero Revelación, or “Revelation Chef”, which will take place later this morning.

This prestigious recognition awards excellence in up and coming chefs and their contribution to gastronomy. This year’s six nominees are Ricardo Temiño (La Fábrica), Alberto Lareo (Manso), Javi Estevez (La Tasquería), Anna Merino (MontBar), Mª José Martinez (Lienzo) and Txema Llamosas (Casa Garras).

The 2016 winner will join the not-too-shabby list of the previous winners of this award: Diego Gallegos (Restaurante Sollo, 2015), Daniel Ochoa and Luis Moreno (Montia, 2014), Iago Castrillón (Restaurante Acio, 2013); Jesús Segura (Restaurante Ars Natura, 2012), Oscar Calleja (Restaurante Annua, 2011), Jaime Tejedor (Libentia, 2010), Rodrigo de la Calle Restaurante Rodrigo de la Calle, 2009), David Muñoz (DiverXo, 2008), David Yárnoz (Faisandé, 2004), Vicente Patiño (Restaurante Sal de Mar, 2007), Ricard Camarena (Arrop, 2006); Iñigo Lavado (Restaurante Kukuarri, 2005) and Carmelo Bosque (Restaurante La Granada, 2003).

UPDATE: And the winner is….  Javi Estévez, of La Tasquería, followed by Anna Merino of MontBar in second place, and Alberto Lareo of Manso Restaurante and María José Martínez of Lienzo in a tie for third.


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