The Pomegranate Touch!

/ Toya Legido - ICEX

Red tuna belly with beetroot and pomegranate / Toya Legido – ICEX

Every holiday I prepare different versions of more or less the same “Christmas salad”. Some type of lettuce – preferably one with a little character and bite, like an escarole –, some variety of citrus fruit, maybe orange, or grapefruit; some tasty extras like avocado, artichokes, tomatoes or slivered almonds; and some sort of intense Spanish cheese, maybe a crumbled blue from Asturias or an aged Manchego from Castile-La Mancha; all topped with a never-the-same-twice citrus-mustard vinaigrette.

And while every year the salad comes out a little bit different than the year before, there is one ingredient that is non-negotiable: pomegranate.

These juicy little seeds add such a perfect ‘pop!’ to this Christmas salad that, quite frankly, I just can’t do without them. Regardless of the other ingredients, they add flavor, color, texture and just a little bit of exoticism… all of the requirements for a perfect holiday dish.

Of course pomegranates have more going for them than salad, just ask Spanish chef Kiko Moya who shared these avant garde recipes using pomegranate with Foods and Wines from Spain:

Pomegranates with Muscatel, citrus confit and eucalyptus ice cream.

Red tuna belly with beetroot and pomegranate

Pomegranate seed salad and roe with ginger ice cream

Woodpigeon marinated in pomegranate juice and saffron gold



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