Roscón and Pedro Ximénez, a Perfect Pairing!

Every roscón needs its glass of PX

Every roscón needs its glass of PX / Juan Manuel Sanz – ICEX

There are those who wait to eat their Roscón de Reyes until the actual day of this celebration (Reyes, Three King’s Day, or the Epiphany) on January 6th.

There are others, present company included, who prefer to think of the consumption of this typical Spanish holiday bread like a marathon or climbing a mountain. You eat your first piece of roscón as soon as you start to see them pop up in bread and pastry shops all over–usually a week or two before the día de Reyes–and you don’t stop until the very last crumb has disappeared from the last shop a week or so after.

Another important thing to take into consideration when eating Roscón de Reyes is that, like any traditional delicacy, it deserves the perfect traditional accompaniment.

I love pairing roscón with any variety of the excellent sweet Spanish wines from Andalusia made with Pedro Ximénez grapes. Aromatic, complex and yet acidic enough to not be cloying on the palate, these wines are the perfect choice for this holiday, and beyond.

Read more about the PX grapes and its wonderful wines in Sunny Days for Pedro Ximénez on Foods and Wines from Spain.

Happy Reyes and see you Friday!!



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