Capital Sweets!

Spanish marzipan / Pablo Neustadt - ICEX

Spanish marzipan / Pablo Neustadt – ICEX

Bidding goodbye to 2015, I went out on my yearly pilgrimage for holiday sweets this week in Madrid, making sure to stop at all of my favorite places to pick up some of the wonderful and traditional seasonal fare that is part of what makes the Spanish capital such a delightful place to spend the holiday season.

My first stop was of course classic pastry shop El Horno de San Onofre, where not only did I grab a delicious pastry for sustenance, but I also picked up a delicate box of Spanish mazapán, or marzipan.

Then I headed to turrón stronghold Casa Mira, in an effort to get there before the incredibly busy throngs of Christmas crowds. No such luck. However, my half-hour wait for some of this historic shop’s handmade turrón, was nothing, I’m told, compared with the four-hour-wait that others have endured for these delectable Spanish sweets.

Then, finally, a stop at the charmingly tiny Pastelería del Pozo to pre-order my Roscón de Reyes, although to be honest I would rather just go ahead and eat it now. Unfortunately, these confections are only made here from January 2nd – 5th. To console myself at the thought of waiting, I snacked on one of this shop’s most famous – albeit currently unseasonable – treats, a torrija. Yum.

Read more about these fantastic and historic establishments and the sweet treasures that are found within in Sweet Sweet Madrid, Christmas Confections in the Capital City, on Foods and Wines from Spain.

Happy (almost) New Year!


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