Holiday Dining with Cava!

Spanish Cava / ICEX

Spanish Cava / ICEX

This won’t be the first time that I’ve talked about the virtues of Spanish Cava on this site, 0r encouraged you to whet your palate on the huge variety of these wonderful Spanish sparkling wines, but with Christmas just two days away, I don’t think it can hurt to insist upon the subject once more.

Cava is, of course, the very best thing for a holiday aperitif, before or after dinner toast, with dessert, or to celebrate any special occasion; but if you travel to Barcelona – very near the heart of Spanish Cava country – you might be surprised to see so many locals actually dining with a bottle of Cava throughout their meal.

This is because Cava is actually excellent when paired with a huge range of dishes or foods – including any number of appetizers and main dishes, and, with so much variety, when it comes to Cava, there is definitely something for everyone.

So pick up a glass of Spanish Cava, toast the good health of your friends and family and delight in your holiday meal!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!!!


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