Wonderful Pacharán!

Sloe berries from Navarre / photo courtesy of pacharannavarro.org

Sloe berries from Navarre / http://www.pacharannavarro.org

I have never been much into sweets, nor into the flavor of anise, but living in Spain has sparked my love affair with Pacharán.

This wonderful, maroon-hued Spanish liqueur is made with endrinas, or sloe berries, soaked in anisette. Characteristic of Navarre, it is usually served chilled, or on the rocks as a digestif liqueur, and can be reason enough to linger for hours over lunch or dinner, savoring every last drop – and maybe even refilling your glass.

Lately this traditional and historic Spanish liqueur is also being used in the preparation of innovative cocktails, thanks to its fragrant aromas and unforgettable flavor.

Read more about the story of Spanish Pacharán in Pacharán from Navarre, 500 Years of History, on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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