Ferran Adrià Receiving Japan’s Highest Honor

Ferran Adrià / Fernando Madariaga - ICEX

Chef Ferran Adrià / Fernando Madariaga – ICEX

I admit that I find this news so very cool, that I just can’t resist sharing it here.

Spanish chef Ferran Adrià has been selected to receive the Order of the Rising Sun, Japan’s most prestigious recognition, in acknowledgement of the strong ties that he has created between Japanese and Spanish gastronomy and for improving awareness about Japanese cuisine.

Adrià, who is still considered by many to be Spain’s most groundbreaking chef – not to mention one of the very best chefs in the world – will be presented with this award by Emperor Akihito in early December.

Adrià has been traveling to Japan for more than a decade, learning about and finding inspiration in the country’s products, food and culinary techniques. Some of these inspirations and trips were chronicled in last year’s exhibition elBulli. Auditing the Creative Process, (Madrid’s Fundación Telefónica), which placed particular emphasis on the impact that Japan and its cuisine had on the team from elBulli.


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