Traveling Persimmons!

Spanish persimmons, ripening on the tree / ICEX

Spanish persimmons, ripening on the tree / ICEX

Last month Madrid once again hosted international produce fair, Fruit Attraction, an annual event that brings Spanish producers and vendors in touch with buyers from all over the world. This year, “Kaki Attraction, the International Persimmon Symposium” was held within the framework of this fair, as a coming together of representatives from the thriving Spanish persimmon, or kaki, industry to talk about different topics including cultivation, nutrition, sales and more.

Of course it’s not surprising that representatives from the Spanish kaki industry would choose this international occasion to meet. After all, Designation of Origin Kaki Ribera del Xúquer alone exported around sixty percent of its 90,000 (in 2013) ton harvest to countries like the UK, Germany, France, France, Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, and Poland.

Yes, Spanish persimmons are extremely popular both in and outside of Spanish borders. So what are you waiting for?




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