Happy Birthday Los Galayos!

The terrace at Los Galayos Restaurant, Madrid

The terrace at Los Galayos Restaurant, Madrid

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through Madrid‘s gorgeous Plaza Mayor, than surely will have seen Los Galayos, an iconic restaurant that has been pleasing diners’ palates for the past 121 years with a selection of classic dishes infused with and inspired by the history and traditions of this city.

During the month of November, the Grande family – the descendants of original owner Miguel Grande and the ongoing force behind this Madrid restaurant – will be celebrating the 121st birthday of Los Galayos through a special selection of 11 iconic dishes taken from past menus, which will be available for a set price of 35 euros.

The menu kicks off with an indispensable Madrid favorite, a caña, or small beer from Madrid beer giant Mahou, accompanied by a selection of classic tapas. This is followed by other traditional dishes including Arroz de Quintería (rice), Delicias de perdiz (partridge), and Cochinillo asado (roasted suckling pig), as well as three desserts.

The menu includes wine and coffee, and is available by reservation only.



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