New adventures for chef Rodrigo de la Calle

Spanish chef Rodrigo de la Calle

Spanish chef Rodrigo de la Calle

Another day, another great Spanish chef to talk about. Rodrigo de la Calle has been catching the eye and entrancing the palate of Spanish food lovers for some time now, first with his Restaurante de la Calle in Aranjuez, and then at Madrid’s Hotel Villa Magna – not to mention at any number of the gastronomic conferences, lectures and cooking demonstrations that he has participated in over the past several years.

Now, this vegetable-loving chef and co-founder of the “gastrobotanical” culinary movement has two new projects underway, a double-restaurant adventure in the Chinese capital of Beijing and an intimate project in the mountains of Madrid.

Learn more about these new ventures and what else this star Spanish chef has been up to in Going Green with Rodrigo de la Calle, on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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