Make it with Spanish Lemons!

Lemon cheesecake / Toya Legido - ICEX

Lemon cheesecake / Toya Legido – ICEX

As versatile as citrus fruits are, perhaps none is as versatile as the lemon. This sunny fruit is used in countless recipes in innumerable ways.

Cut it into quarters and squeeze a bit on a plate of seafood, fish or rice. Add its juice and zests to cakes and pies, savory dishes and sauces, salad dressings and beverages like tea, cocktails and even beer. A little bit of lemon can quickly take a dish to the next level, which is why I always try to keep this wonderful Spanish citrus fruit on-hand in my kitchen at all times.

Need some inspiration to start cooking with lemons? These four recipes that call for Spanish lemons are about as diverse as you can get.

Lemon cheesecake

Ibérico pork secreto with Spanish saffron-roasted potatoes, rosemary and red onions

Stuffed eggplants with prawns and bomba rice

Lemon and Cava sorbet



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