Food and Design in Madrid!

BIG Food, grrrreat market!

BIG Food, grrrreat market! This weekend in Madrid!

BIG Food kicks off today in Madrid and will last through the weekend, providing the city with a new kind of cultural event that brings together the two BIG fields of food and design.

This three-day cultural bonanza will take place at the city’s Central de Diseño Matadero Madrid, with a program of events that will bring chefs, restaurateurs and food producers together with designers representing different disciplines.

This multi-faceted event will revolve around the tapa, a concept that will inspire the multidisciplinary pairs of food experts and designers to create create create, finding synergy through their respective fields. The results of these synergies will then be available to the public through a gastronomic market called “Big Food, grrrreat market”, consisting of thirty different culinary spaces.

Other activities at this not-to-miss event will include workshops, masterclasses, talks and cooking demonstrations.



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