The Triticum Way

Photo courtesy of Triticum

Acclaimed Spanish chefs know that having a top restaurant means paying attention to every detail, from the decor, to the service, to the flatware, to hundreds of other things – not least of which of course is the food.

And when it comes to the food, these top chefs are keen to make sure that their clients are happy with their dining experiences from start to finish. This can mean investing what might seem to non-professionals like a staggering amount of time, research and experimentation into every single thing that goes on the table.

The bread that is served with a meal or a specific dish is no exception, and this is where specialty bread maker Triticum often comes in.

Xevi Ramón, the head, hands and heart behind this Spanish artisanal bread workshop, has collaborated with some of Spain’s top chefs (think Joan Roca, for starters), to create haute breads that fulfill their  culinary ambitions. Then, thanks to an innovative deep-freezing technique, the bread is precooked and frozen for heating in situ at the restaurants.

Read more about this fascinating company in Spanish Haute Bread The Triticum Way. Spanish bread company combines artisanal and industrial techniques for top restaurants on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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