International Conquests of Pimentón

It’s not surprising that Spanish pimentón has been featured on the Foods and Wines from Spain home page this past month. After all, this wonderful smokey Spanish spice is an essential ingredient in many of this country’s most beloved and coveted dishes and products.

Brought back from the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and later cultivated by 16th century Hieronymite monks in their monastery gardens in Extremadura, it didn’t take long for these wonderful peppers to firmly implant themselves in Spain’s gastronomy.

More recently however, this spice has embarked on a different kind of journey: into the pantries and dishes of home and professional chefs all over the world. Learn more about Spanish pimentón, and some of its 21st century conquests in the article, Pimentón: Spain´s Red Gold, on Foods and Wines from Spain.



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