Mapping Spanish Wine!

Spanish wine bottles / Fernando Madariaga - ICEX

Spanish wine bottles / Fernando Madariaga – ICEX

Spanish wine. Two little words that are infused with countless layers of meaning. With so much variety in terms of wine styles, types of grapes, climates, wine regions, terroir, etc. it’s sometimes difficult to believe that Spanish wine is so consistently wonderful and high-quality across the board; and when I say across the board, I am particularly referring to products that come out of the nearly 100 protected wine producing regions that are located all over the country.

A great way to get a comprehensive view of just how many wine producing regions there are in Spain – in addition to where they’re located and what they and their resulting wines are like – is through the wonderful resource Maps of Denominations of Origins from Spain, on Foods and Wines from Spain. Using this fantastic map, you can zero in geographically on ninety Spanish wine Denominations of Origin, Vinos de Calidad (Quality Wines) and Vinos de Pago (Pago Wines). Also, the map provides you with a useful link to more information on each of the areas.

In addition to Spanish wines, the map can also be used to track Spanish cheeses, Ibérico ham and extra virgin olive oil producing regions! It is truly a singular and incredible tool!


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