Frank Camorra’s MoVida Rustica


Although chef and restaurateur Frank Camorra left his native Spain for Australia when he was just a child, he has spent much of his adult life bringing the flavors of his birthplace to the people of Australia (in large part through his ever-growing MoVida restaurant chain, which has outposts in Melbourne and Sydney). However, this chef’s impressions and favorite flavors and recipes of Spain are easily available to the rest of the world through his cookbooks.

In MoVida Rustica (Murdoch Books Pty Limited, 2009), which was written in collaboration with frequent partner food writer Richard Cornish, Frank searches the Spanish countryside, stopping in cities and towns along the way, to find the origins of many of this country’s most beloved traditional recipes, which, together with a few innovative inspirations of his own, are the perfect companion for the home cook.

Culinary diversity is the key here, with the flavors of MoVida Rustica taking cooks and diners far and wide to experience the origins of Spanish cuisine, its ingredients, preparation techniques and the ways in which food is prepared and enjoyed in this country.



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