World Rankings Extol Spanish Wines

Selección Robles 1927 Pedro Ximénez was named "Wine of the Year"

Selección Robles 1927 Pedro Ximénez was named a “Wine of the Year”

The World Association of Writers and Journalists of Wines and Spirits (WAWWJ) made quite a stir among Spanish wine producers and drinkers when it published its latest ranking of the top one-hundred wines in the world. The reason for the ruckus? Three Spanish wines were among the list’s top-twelve most coveted spots. Though this should come as no surprise to the ever-growing group of Spanish wine lovers around the world, it is still cause for celebration.

The three Spanish wines to rank highest on the list are Selección de Robles Oro 1927 by Bodegas Robles in DO Montilla Moriles (Córdoba) in second place; Bioca Godello 2013, by Bodega María Teresa Núñez Vega in DO Valdeorras (Galicia) in third; and  Cosme Palacio Rioja Crianza 2011, by Hijos de Antonio Barceló in DOCa Rioja in twelfth. Another nine Spanish wines also made the list.

In addition to the “Top 100 Wines“, the WWAWJ also released its annual ranking of the world’s “Top 100 Wineries”.

Here, two Spanish wineries made it to the top twelve, Emilio Lustau (8th) and Gonzalez Byass (11th), both sherry producers. However, eight more Spanish wineries also made it onto the list, which can be consulted in its entirety here.




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