Pulpo a la Gallega!

Tender octopus with pimentón / Félix Llorio - ICEX

Tender octopus with pimentón / Félix Llorio – ICEX

I had almost forgotten how much I love Spanish octopus, until I had the chance to dive into a plate of Pulpo a la Gallega (Galician-style octopus) this weekend… Almost, I said, almost.

It would be impossible to completely forget the wonderful flavors and textures of this classic dish from the coastal Spanish region of Galicia. Tender warm octopus, perfectly boiled and sliced potatoes, rock salt and smokey Spanish pimentón. How can something so simple, taste so good?

For an easy way to make Pulpo a la Gallega at home, try this simple recipe for Galicia-style octopus on Foods and Wines from Spain.

Want more information about this oh-so-Spanish product? Here’s what the Foods and Wines from Spain food glossary has to say about this traditional Spanish dish:

Typical Galician dish consisting of cooked octopus with potatoes. First, the octopus meat is softened by pounding it repeatedly; then it is put into boiling salted water. It is immersed and taken out three times, leaving it to boil again in the water for 50 minutes. The potatoes are cooked separately in the water used to boil the octopus. When both are properly cooked, the octopus is cut into small portions and served on a wooden plate, garnished with the potatoes, and seasoned with rock salt, sweet paprika and a little olive oil. Despite the seaside nature of this dish, the area where it is best prepared is in the interior of Galicia, particularly in Carballiño (Ourense), where the Fiesta del Pulpo (Octopus Festival) is celebrated on the second Sunday in August each year.



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