Yes, we have some bananas!

Canary Islands bananas / Pablo Neustadt - ICEX

Canary Islands bananas / Pablo Neustadt – ICEX

People in Spain make a big deal about buying bananas from the Canary Islands, and it’s easy to see why. These Spanish island bananas are so good that they have an Indication of Geographic Protection guarantee, Plátano de Canarias PGI, which helps consumers feel secure in the fact that they are buying a quality Spanish product.

But what makes these bananas so special? For starters, the interior of Canary Islands bananas is more yellow in color and more intensely sweet than other varieties. These bananas are also noteworthy for their firmer inner flesh.

Although this exotic fruit isn’t native to the islands, records show that bananas have been a valued part of this region’s trade as far back as the 15th century. Today, this crop is still farmed traditionally, although with an eye towards scientific research and innovation to make sure that it flourishes under the best possible conditions.

Learn more about this important Spanish tropical fruit in Plátano de Canarias, Stronghold of Flavor, on Foods and Wines from Spain.




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