Simple and delicious Spanish shrimp

Delicious Spanish Shrimp / Angel Robledo - ICEX

Delicious Spanish Shrimp / Angel Robledo – ICEX

Summer invariably brings with it thoughts of the beach… the ocean… fresh seafood… shrimp! See how that works.

Shrimp come in many shapes, sizes, and even colors and flavors in Spain, with delicate flavor and textural nuances often the result of the season and the ocean from whence they were caught.

They are also served differently from north to south and east to west, with each region having its own special take on these wonderful delicacies.

However, there are a couple of shrimp recipes that seem to be standard wherever you go throughout Spain. The star is undoubtedly the most simple of all, a recipe that truly lets these crustaceans shine through: grilled whole with a little bit of rock salt. A close second is without a doubt gambas al ajillo, a dish where garlic, chili pepper and olive oil are popular back up dancers to the main act.

Whichever method you choose (and I would heartily recommend both), here are a couple of recipes to get you started, from Foods and Wines from Spain.

Grilled shrimp (gambas a la plancha)

Shrimp fried with garlic (gambas al ajillo)




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